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On Tour

Setting up

Japan 2006 playing cards with XuXu

Greens in a Japanese market

Golden Pavillion

Japan NHK Taping 4

Sendai Concert Hall poster board

Riser platforms

Glitzy lighting in Japan

In concert in Japan

Rainy Day on Tour

Temple bell in Kyoto 2009

Concert Hall Yatsugatake

Japan 2009 Audience

Japan 2009 Bento Box

Bullet Train

Japan 2009 Concert Blue

Japan 2009 Fried Food

Japan 2009 Fried Food

Japan 2009 Fishmarket Cooks

Japan 2009 Fishmarket

Japan 2009 Food Onagiri

Japan 2009 Hotel Kyocera

Ice Cream

Japan 2009 Jason and Joel with Christmas Hats

Lighting Adjustment

Japanese Mask




Japan 2009 Sonos and Kiriku

Japan 2009 Sonos Sign

Japan 2009 Sucking Foam

Mt. Takao near Tokyo

Japan 2009 Tour Bus Front

Japan Audience

Japan Audience Onstage

Hyogo Performing Arts Center

Japan Child Buddha

Japan Fujisan closeup

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji

Japan Incense Burner

Jason and Cheryl in Japan


Osaka Manhole Cover

Scott Joplin Museum

Supper with Kiriku

Sushi Boat

On Tour in Oklahoma City

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